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Patios & Pergolas

Discover the ultimate solution to enhance your outdoor space with Byron and Beyond Patios. Offering a comprehensive service for tailor-made pergolas and patios in the Northern Rivers of NSW, we handle everything from design and engineering to seamless installation.

Flyover Patios

This design allows for increased height and improved airflow, making the patio space feel more open and airy. The flyover style also provides more headroom and can enhance the aesthetic appeal of the outdoor area.

Commercial Patios.

Ideal for businesses that need to keep their customers sheltered outdoors. They come in all shapes and sizes, so you can find the perfect fit for your business.

Insulated Patios

Have complete coverage and protection from the elements. Perfect for keeping your outdoor area cool in summer and warm in winter.

Patio Rooms

These enclosed patio areas are designed to create beautiful living and entertaining spaces.

Receive a Free Patio Consultation


The team at Byron and Beyond recognise that not every outdoor space is uniform. We specialise in tailoring our patio solutions to your unique needs. Whether it involves designing structures that seamlessly integrate with the contours of a hill or wrap around existing decks, our team delivers custom solutions.

We go the extra mile by combining materials to enhance durability. With our mobile welding fabrication workshop, we have the capability to manufacture metal onsite, providing you with a convenient and comprehensive service.

Our skilled team of local builders are experts in patio construction with decades of experience across the region. From the initial design and engineering stages to documentation and securing council approvals, we ensure a seamless and professional process.

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Byron and Beyond are the Northern Rivers choice for Patio and Pergolas. You can view a Gallery of our most recent builds below. Want to learn more? Why not recieve a free consultation today? 

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